My Mother At Dinner - Original Writing

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The wind howled throughout the house as I walked into the living room. Maroon curtains flapped against the windowsills and rustled the old papers on the faded wooden coffee table. Why were all the windows open in the house? A question I would ask my mother at dinner time during the boring questions.

I gazed at the marble mantle and fingered a small metal frame that held a photo of my parents and me. The image contained what I believe to others that we were a perfect family. My laughter in the photo was forced as my mother gave a sweet smile and my father just looked ahead. Something was missing and it was apparent in the empty frames face down on the mantle.

We were a family of four that strained to be a family of three. I knew when I uttered Sam’s name my parents would clam up and change the subject. As hard as they tried to erase her, they couldn’t erase my remembrances of Sam. I looked at the mirror above the mantle and rolled my eyes at the horrible bun I attempted. That would be fixed for a later time.

“Mom?” I called as I turned away from the photos.

“Mom you home?”

No sounds came from around the corner and I knew I had to venture up the flight of creaking steps to my mother’s room. She had a bad habit with sleeping pills and ignore my incessant conversations with friends on the house phone. What a great mother right? I gripped the wooden banister as I walked up the steps each one creaked of memories of my life. My mother wasn’t the best in the world but she…

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