My Mother: Carolina Aguilar De Reyna

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For my essay I decided to interview my mother. I know most of her story starting from my brothers birth. But i had never know much about her childhood. My mom was surprised when I started asking questions and I happy to learn more about my mother. I will focus this essay manly about when she was a child until teenager. While doing the interview I learned many thing and am now grateful for having the opportunity of writing this essay. I started by asking her when she was born and everything else sparked from their. My mother is Carolina Aguilar de Reyna, she was born in June 8th 1973 in the city of Mexicali, Baja California. She was the last daughter of her biological father. They four kids two girls and two boys. Then my grand married another man and had another girl and another boy making them six in total. When my mother was born, her biological father started to get sick. Shortly after my mother became two years old, her father died with a disease that was never determined. My mother to this day does not have great feel because she never got to know him. My mother told me that when she was little she liked hearing about her father and she said she would have liked to know him. When I was…show more content…
This was when my mother's childhood began. She began by telling me a story where my uncle would steal her bikes and paint them black in order to keep them. To this day my uncle still owes her one bike. Even though my uncle would steal her bikes, she would always get along with him the most. In an old ranch they had, their use to be big black berry trees in the garden. My uncle would give her a helping hand and both of them would eat so many black berries that their hands got stained. They would also have a dates palm but the sweetness would beat them before they ate to many. She would love spending the afternoon in those tree talk to her brothers and
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