My Mother Character Analysis

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Is your Mother supportive of you? Have your Mother at any point been more strict than expected? In the novel, Mother is first favorable; however, she later gets more strict and intends to be respected in Alabama. She doesn’t enable herself to swallow the disfavor of being a foreigner in a country that is unwelcoming. Mother is supportive in the start, yet she changes once she arrives in Alabama, she turns out to be more strict and intends to get an ounce of respect to be regarded and to be fruitful in Alabama.

In spite of the fact that Ha’s mother doesn’t assume a critical part at first, she is then soon seen of her supportive and encouraging ways in Ha’s family. Ha’s mother is the one that said “ Think, my son; your action will
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Before coming to Alabama Mother would not state these somewhat harsh words to Ha. Instead, she would be gentle and attempt to regard their sentiments as proven when Khoi has influenced Ha to swear she'll remain with him in Saigon since his little chick incubated merely. When Mother sews a few backpacks for their trek, Khoi advises her not to make any for him and Ha. Mother knows the internal workings of her child's heart and tenderly convinces him to leave, Mother knew he would feel the weight of the whole family and settle on the correct decision, and she utilized this to push Khoi toward enthusiastically tagging along delicately. This situation substantiates that Mother is harsher than earlier if they had not come to Alabama.

This adjustment in Mother to her life is imperative she now realizes that regardless of how unpleasant things get, she refuses to be broken down. A prime case of this happens when Mother and Ha travel to the butcher to get meat for egg rolls, and the butcher declines to crush it for them. Mother doesn’t know much English yet, yet she tries to be amiable by saying please, but not even being subtle works of the racist man. Finally, rather than feeling rejected and discouraged over not getting an ounce of regard, Mother reacts by ending “ with a clear, NOW! ,”(218) when the butcher returns and he “ takes our meat to the grinder,”(218). And as a result, Mothers get what she needs by declining to be
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