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From a distance, my mother appears to be an ordinary round woman with an irritable attitude. In public, she projects an image of high maintenance with power and control. When in her usual indecipherable mood, she wears a refined expression as she puts on a pout that reveals her plump cheeks. When we go out, she makes sure that she always has make-up on and a fashionable bag in hand. Sometimes, she'd take a good look at me and say, "You should put on some lipstick and eyeliner! You look dead!" She knows what she wants and how to get it, she speaks with authority when addressing anyone from the lady at the cash register to the waiter at any restaurant.

At home when she is not sleeping, she spends her time cooking, playing
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She had a scowl and was always irritable. I started to believe that she took after my grandmother. I learned that when my grandmother inflicted pain and punishment, she used thorny sticks and whatever she could get her hands on. Both of their behaviors and values leave me to question my own. My mother raised me in a similar way that she was raised but not as extreme. Despite her collective stature, my mother seems to have selective hearing in that she does not hear my brother when he curses under his breath. She cannot hear me when I ask her questions that she thinks have an obvious answer or when she is not interested. When she does not want to put effort into talking, she acts like she did not hear or she tries to keep the conversation short and to the point. "Mom, do you think that I could go to the states and major in computer science?" I asked, worried about her reaction. "Why, what's wrong with taking nursing at UOG?" she answered, sounding like she was trying to keep her voice from ascending. "Well, I don't have much of a passion for nursing and I’m really interested in computers." "Your grandmother pushed me to become a nurse and I’m making a higher income than all of our relatives. You'll be able to find a job anywhere and you'll have the money to buy whatever you want. You're going to UOG. " She started walking towards her room. "Mom, wait.

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