My Mother, God Shaped Me

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Through my mother, God shaped me; by witnessing her, convictions, strong morals, loving disposition, nonjudgmental nature and unshakable faith. I learned why we should never judge others because we are all God’s children. I learned my faith is permanent and there is nothing and no one that can make me stop believing. I learned how precious life is and to never give up. When I say, I learned true Christian values from my mom I am not talking about things my mother said nearly as much as I am talking about the actions I witnessed. My mother was extremely well versed in the Bible; however, she never used Bible verses as weapons. As a matter of fact it meant more when my mom did quote the Bible because she didn’t do it all the time and…show more content…
I didn’t blame them, after all he was dirty, loud, he acted confused, and he wasn’t exactly speaking coherently. I watched him make his way over to the tiny pharmacy department. He quickly got into a loud augment with the Pharmacist who even I had to admit was being rather rude to him. I stared intently at a rack of sunglasses I had no interest in trying to pretend the homeless man was nonexistent. I remember literally praying to God to make him go away or at least stay away from my mom and I. All of the sudden I hear my mom’s voice. I looked up from the rack of grocery store sun glasses in a hurry. I saw my mom standing about twenty feet away from me chatting with the guy. I got very anxious and I ran over to my mom as if to protect her. As I got close I realized she wasn’t bothered by this man at all. I became very aggravated with my mom. I couldn’t believe she was doing that, chatting with him. Although I stood very close to my mom I try so hard to not look up at the man. After chatting with him for at least ten minutes they parted ways. I didn’t say a word to my mom until we got to the car. Then I went off. I ask her what she was thinking send why couldn’t she have done what everyone else had done ignore him. I make my distress know to my mom. Even asking her why she would put her in that situation and telling her she should have looked straight though him when he walked over to her.
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