My Mother Has Been The Primary Caregiver

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My mother has been the primary caregiver to myself and my sister who is two years older. My mother was a single parent, who worked two to three jobs at a time, which did in a way affect our experiences throughout childhood. I cannot remember my childhood from when I was very little but do have memories from the age of 5 and onward. As I child, I remember having the opportunity to explore the outdoors around me. These exploring adventures had the appropriate supervision if it was needed; however I remember many things being experienced without my mother next to me or around. My mother had built a strong, trusting attachment with me during my young childhood years in which allowed me to go exploring and come back within a decent time frame. When I returned I remember doing a “check in” with my mother where my sister and I would tell her all of my exciting stories. My mother promoted her children to have safe amounts of independence in which I was to learn new things by experiencing them, and being able to know if I needed anything I could always run back to my mother who would be there waiting. These exploring adventures occurred mostly when we lived in St.Annes, and once we had moved back to the city as a family the exploring had more guidelines and rules. My mother was always loving and caring towards me during my young childhood years she would kiss my boo boos better, sing songs, allow me to crawl into her bed, make events overly special even if I had just lost a tooth.
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