My Mother Is Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

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Introduction In 2012 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, for the following year and a half I watched my mother undergo multiple surgeries, daily radiation, and a variety of other intensive treatments. Throughout the entire process I watched my mother physically and mentally deteriorate. At the time my knowledge of the disease was minimal and not only was I fearful of my mothers future, but I was also unaware of the physiological functions that would overcome my mothers body eternally. Following a year and a half of agonizing and aggressive treatments my family received the news that my mother was officially in complete remission. Throughout my mothers battle with breast cancer my family and I met countless individuals who were…show more content…
Throughout my four years at Whittier College I have taken a variety of courses which have enabled me to write this paper in a knowledgeable and purposeful manner. My minor in nutrition as well as my major in kinesiology has supplied me with a foundation to further research this specific disease as well as diet. I have taken diet and disease which has provided me with an understanding of how diet impacts health and how specific chronic diseases have a direct correlation with the science of nutrition and the lifestyle choices that individuals make. I have also taken numerous nutrition courses which include upper division courses such as; fundamentals of nutrition, the science of nutrition, and sport nutrition. All of these courses have enabled me to become an expert in nutrition as it relates to diet as well as the classification of nutrients, digestion, biochemical processes, and crop sustainability. In addition to these courses, I have also taken chemistry and exercise physiology, both of which have permitted me to have a greater understanding to help distinguish the process by which our bodies consume, digest, metabolize, and store nutrients and how they effect our bodies (Thompson, Manore, & Vaughan, 2014). In this specific paper I have also been able to use my knowledge in sociology of sport as well as the history and
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