My Mother Is My Friend

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On August 25,1995, my mother,Janet Davis gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I grew up with all of the love and affection that I needed. I was grateful for everything I had and never asked for more. My younger childhood was spent playing, and sometimes getting in trouble, with my big brother Stanley Scott Jr. When I was a child both of my parents inspired me, nevertheless, my mother is my inspiration. With 20 years of experience that has still not changed.
My mother grew up in Indianola, Mississippi with 17 other brothers and sisters. She lived in a house that was built by her father, my grandfather, and while they didn 't receive everything, it was enough for her to survive. While she was aging with her other siblings, she learned many things in her life.Janet grew up with the morals of honesty, hard work, and family first. She then passed these same morals onto me. As I grew up, I used all of her stories as lessons to life and interpreted them into my own life.
Growing up with a military father that’s always going on a mission, my mother always made me feel like I still had two parents.She never missed a basketball game, a wrestling meet, or a musical rehearsal.She always worked with me in my acting career, yet even at a young age still kept my mind on school.
Over time we spent many nights awake going over the lines of a fresh script. I would bore her withe same lines over and over again until her voice was monotone and direct. She would be half asleep re-reading…

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