My Mother Is My Grandpa

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My grandpa was my superhero, the vital part of my family. He was the rock that supported us all. By "us all”, I mean my grandma, my mom, my two aunts, and all eleven of his grandchildren, including me. Even though there were so many of us, he always had enough love to go around. He spent a lot of time with us as well. We would go for rides on his humongous tractor and do laps around his food plots, and if we were lucky we'd see deer nibbling at the sweet greens planted there. When hunting season came around, he'd make sure those who wanted to hunt would sit with him at that same food plot and wait patiently for an unfortunate buck to pass through. When late summer came around, he'd take us apple picking and strawberry harvesting so our…show more content…
His strength got significantly worse as well. There were no more tractor rides, no hunting, no apple picking, and no strawberry harvests with him. Even something as simple as getting up to get a glass of water became a struggle. He was no longer lively and energetic, but weak and tired. He was also angry. My grandpa was mad at God for making him suffer. All of his life he worked hard to support his family, and now he was going to take it all away? My grandpa had every right to be furious, but to curse God like that? That wasn't what broke my heart though. The thing that caused my fragile heart to break, however, was how the light in his eyes have gone out. Instead they were dull and empty, like his soul had been drained out and had left my grandpa as a mere shell of a man. I had to accept then and there, that Superman has given up this fight.
July 20th, 2017, four days after my 13th birthday, a day I'll never forget. Chemotherapy wasn't working, and my grandpa's health was deteriorating faster than ever. My grandpa had claimed to see white light and the face of God himself, so we knew we wouldn't have much time left with him. He requested he be put on a roll-away bed placed in the center of the living room for all of our family members to surround him, but not longer after his wish was fulfilled, he fell into a coma-like sleep. Hospice told us that he would most likely never wake up again
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