My Mother Is My Mom

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Everyone in the world has a mom that they think of very highly and is very close to. But for me my mom is everything she is my mom and also a father to me. She is the one that gives me motivation to become better than I was before every year that goes by. Everyone might know my mom as just "Artis" mother or her friends know her has just a "Friend." But I can say that I know so much more about my mom than most people that she or I know that knows or have meet her in a time. To me my mom isn’t just a nice person she is caring, loving and at times can be a real pain. In the end, she will always be that person that well come to my aid if I really need it. I want to show everyone what my mom means to me and how much of a great person and parent she really is. Most of my relatives on my mom’s side always say that she is a “terrible mother” because she always gives me everything that I have ever wanted in my life even when I am acting out or just being a bad son. But, even though she is getting lectured like she is some child about how her parenting skills are bad she always can put on a smile because deep down she knows that when she was a kid she could never have the things I have been given because of how poor our family was when we first came to the united states. After years of never understanding why my mom would always works so hard and never come home till around midnight when I was a kid, she was doing this for me and my little sister she worked endless hours to make

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