My Mother Is The Subject

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In this case study, my mother is the subject. I chose my mother because she has the biggest impact on my life. Since I was a young child, my mother was the primary role model for me. As a single parent who raised two children in a foreign country, her tenacity and resilience to overcome obstacles always inspired me to do the same. One of the toughest obstacle that my mother encountered in her life was her relationship with my father. The root of this problem began in the early stages of parenthood.
My family came from a small country called Taiwan. This little country, smaller than the size of New Jersey, was where I grew up. My family was not the typical American family. Due to the fact that both my parents worked in the tourism business,
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In 2006, Taiwan’s economy was at its all-time low. With the country being relatively poor, the tourism business was crashing. This economic crash impacted my family financially. With most of the financial assets and saving completely lost, my family made the decision to migrate to the United States. On May 20th, the first step of the plan was carried out; my sister left the country to the United States, and settled with my father’s relatives. Not long after her, my mother and I boarded a plane and left the country as well, also living with my father’s relatives. The last step of our plan was never executed. My father never left the country. It would be awhile until we would hear back from him again.
A few months into our immigration to the U.S, our situation was starting to unsettle. My father’s relative became mentally abusive towards my mother. They blamed my mother for the disappearance of my father, stating that it was her that causes the failure in their marriage. This blame would have a tremendous impact on her psyche. It was at this period that my mother began to show signs of abnormal behavior. Her characteristics began to change. She, who had always been reliable and independent, became uncertain and reliant. Although she was growing increasingly uncertain, there was one thing that my mother strongly believed. My mother had an unrealistic belief that my father had the intention of contacting us, and that there was another
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