My Mother Is Why I Am Going At The United States From Ethiopia

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Berfiely describe a sitation in which that you felt you or others were un tearted fairly My mother is why I am going to college. She has always wanted me to achieve things that she didn’t have a chance to accomplish. She has influenced me and my decisions to choose wisely and not let go of my dreams. Her dream was being a nurse but due to not finishing high school because she was taking care of my grandfather; she didn’t grasp her dreams. She regretted that time; she wishes that she could of continued learning. When I was three years old, my mother immigrated to the United States from Ethiopia, so that one day our family could escape a ravaged country. Before going to U.S and before I was born she immigrated to Saudi as a Muslim even though she was a Christian. My mom was true Christian so she was acting and dressing as she has been a Muslim her entire life. She left the country after several years of getting treated unfairly by her employees that is by getting death threats, not getting paid as servant because she was a women and not wanting to hide her religion anymore made her to come back to Ethiopia. But her struggles didn’t stop there; she went to America. My mother went through ups and downs to get her citizenship; it took her up to seven years to acquire her residency. My mother was in a place where she didn’t know the language of the country, where she had no relatives, and where she was separated from my father and me. All this was for the sake of to one day

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