My Mother Monologue

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2nd Day Today my mother woke up hysterical. She slept later last night after she fixed some tests. She forgot of the turn on the alarm, making her get up late. Which made her noticeably moody. I listening she murmur something in her bedroom, something that I not could not understand. I could never understand what she was saying when she was this way. I lifted a little lazy. With my bare feet, I felt they hit the frozen white ceramic floor. I shivered because of the cold. Last night was cold, and today it is cloudy. As soon as I dress the school uniform, I ran towards the kitchen to prepare the coffee. That was one of the functions that my mother made a point of complying, except today, since she lost the time.…show more content…
Twenty minutes ago, we were waiting for the traffic to flow. That made my mother even angrier. After all, who was in a good mood waiting for the traffic to flow? “You always wake up first. I thought that you had awake,” I do not want answer this question again, but I could not say it out loud. I crossed my arms and sank into the car seat. Late was a word that not belong to vocabulary her. This to mom was a total lack of respect and commitment. I did not care today find the gates already closed, but how Mrs. Elizabeth would accompany me this possibility could not happen. I arrived on time to second-class despite it has started exactly fifteen minutes ago. For my luck was math class. To be exact, was teacher Carlos 's class. I think he has a little fall for my mother. My luck for I can use this finally in my favor. Teacher Carlos always found the way of getting closer to my desk, and ask some question about my mother. It was discreet questions, but what leaves a little of interest overflow. What I ask myself is why he was attracted to her? My mother is not an ugly woman, but this to me not is the more important. Carlo is the opposite of my mother. Patience is a word that defines him well, but this cause the students take advantage him. I never see Mr. Carlos shout out in classroom, my mother does this often. I knock on the door, did not take too
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