My Mother, My Friend

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My Mother, My Friend It is not easy, moving back home with your parents as an adult. Especially when you are the parent of grown children yourself. Due to circumstances beyond my control, that is what I had to do. Although I had been out of my parents home for over thirty years and had been married (and divorced) moving back home kind of felt like I had never left. I believe that is because my parents were treating me as though I was the unruly teenager I once was. That and the fact I was in MY bedroom. I choose to do my relationship analysis paper on my relationship with my mother Juanita. My mom has Alzheimer's, and communication can be frustrating at times. The three communication concepts I will focus on are, 1. Becoming a better listener, 2, Expressing myself to her in a way she can better understand and 3. Paying better attention to her nonverbal cues. I love my mother dearly, and want to be able to communicate with her the best we can. My mother is one of the most important people in my life. In fact, she is probably THE most important person in my life. She is beautiful, she is kind, she is thoughtful and she is honest. She is a good wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. There is not a mean bone in her body. I have worked for the last fifteen years doing in Home Health Care for Alzheimer's patients and their families, so when my mom got diagnosed I was devastated. I was devastated because I know how this game ends, and it breaks my
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