My Mother - Original Writing

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“Please, stop! You cannot take my children away from me!” yells my mother, as my father is trying to take my little sister and brother out of our home in the freezing cold. It is 30 degrees Fahrenheit outside in Texas in December of Christmas Eve night. My mother and father had just got into an altercation and my father was being extremely abusive towards her. I was only five years old; moreover, I remember feeling unbelievably scared. What was suppose to be a fun, loving, evening turned into one of the most terrifying, dramatic, life changing moments for my mother, myself, and three other siblings. My mother threatened to call the cops if my father did not give my siblings back. Fortunately, my father departed and without a doubt my mom told us to pack our things and grab as many clothes as we could. This was not the first time I had watched my mother abused; nevertheless it was finally the last. She was exceedingly distraught, but she recognized that we could not live like this any longer. We ended up staying with my grandparents and what was supposed to be a couple of days turned into six years. My mother decided to raise us four by herself with the help of my grandparents. She worked three jobs to support us along with making, as much time for us on her days off, however I knew she was extremely exhausted. She did her best to put all four of us in sports and summer activities and even made sure to have our doctors and dental visits scheduled regularly. But those medical…

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