My Mother Was Diagnosed With Trigeminal Neuralgia

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For the past couple of years, I have witnessed first hand the effects that trigeminal neuralgia does to the human body. My mother was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia in 2010. She was suffering from the pain of the condition for more than two years before she was correctly diagnosed at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas. My mother always explained her pain as worse than childbirth, and that is because she has had four children. It caused my mom to have multiple sleepless nights, an aching jaws, constant and excruciating pain, and in one extreme incident, her job locked while she was chewing causing her to choke and had to receive the Heimlich maneuver. Being that she said it was the worst pain in her life, my family knew it was something more than chronic migraines: which is what one of the doctors she saw in the Rio Grande Valley diagnosed her with. When my mother was first diagnosed, she as well as us: her family had no idea what the trigeminal neuralgia was or how it affected my mother. Being that trigeminal neuralgia was something relatively new in the bioscience community, not many doctors knew how to treat TN. Trigeminal neuralgia was speculated to have been known about since 150 AD when Aretaeus of Cappodocia, a Greek physician, wrote about a condition almost identical to TN in one of his medical texts. Many speculated that he was writing about chronic migraines, which is what my mother was diagnosed with when she first started experiencing pain. Trigeminal

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