My Mother With A Heart Of Gold And The Courage Of One Thousand Soldiers

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On February 17 1964 a woman with a heart of gold and the courage of one thousand soldiers was born. Today I call this woman my mother and she is the sole reason for all of my accomplishments in life. I would describe my mother as someone who is strong, very understanding, and my best friend. She was born into family with 4 brothers and sisters that was torn apart by divorce. In her own adult life she has went through two marriages but still manages to keep a smile on her face. She says it is only through the lord that she has been able to provide for me and my sister and get us to where we are today. For these reasons my mom has and will forever influence my life in a positive way.

Growing up my mom had 4 brothers and sisters and a single mom as strong as she was. Instead of going out to be with friends all the children worked and helped their mom instead. At the age of 18 my mom began to branch away from her family and hangout with the wrong crowd. When she turned 19 she ended up pregnant and made the decision to have an abortion in fear of what would happen. My mother forever regrets this and only with God’s forgiveness has she been able to truly forgive herself. After many other bad life decisions my mother finally had my sister, this was truly a turning point in her life. She doesn’t know why but god led her to him in a very strong way once she had Jessica. The only thing my mom could think was I want to be the best mother I can be and that’s what she did. After she

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