My Mother With My Grandmother

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I grew up with my grandmother in the small town of Turner, Maine. My mother, Jana-lin, sent me there from Salt Lake City, Utah to escape my abusive stepfather. At the age of six I traveled alone across the country, with one layover, to try and find a better life. All of this happened during the thanksgiving and Christmas of 1996. But being torn from an older sister, a younger brother, and your mother. Us kids were separated, my older sister Brittney, ending up in Las Vegas, Nevada with her father. My little brother Richard, with his father out in Salt Lake City, Utah and Me, with my grandmother in Maine. My father Andreas, abandoned my mother when he learned she was pregnant, going so far as to try and pay her to get an abortion. Lucky for…show more content…
Richard and I are able to catch up thanks to the advances in modern technology and social media helped shorten the continental divide, but that can’t replace the face to face interaction we had missed. The last time we actually had a chance to see each other, Richard was three and I was seven, He is now 21 and I’m 25. We hope to see one anther more often when I move to Washington. School was never an easy place for me growing up. I was a good student, but my attendance would suffer when the ptsd and depression became too much for me to bare. I was fortunate that the schools were very accommodating. Years of counseling, extra summer classes to keep me sharp and the love and nurture from a grandmother who sacrificed to ensure I would not fall behind and give up on myself. We didn’t have a lot of money, so my gram made sure to make every cent count. The only thing that kept me driven in high school was being able to be creative. I was always drawn to art and music classes, always standing out without ever really thinking about it. One year, I built a 6 foot tall robot with just Styrofoam and held together with No. 2 pencils. One of my favorite teachers, Mrs. Decker said “you’re very good at thinking outside the box.” Something I always struggled to believe. I always had this stigma, that if I could do it than anyone could. I had a hard time believing that I had the capacity to have talent in something. In my junior year of high school, my
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