My Mother With My Grandmother

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I grew up with my grandmother in the small town of Turner, Maine. My mother, Jana-lin, sent me there from Salt Lake City, Utah to escape my abusive stepfather. At the age of six I traveled alone across the country, with one layover, to try and find a better life. All of this happened during the thanksgiving and Christmas of 1996. But being torn from an older sister, a younger brother, and your mother. Us kids were separated, my older sister Brittney, ending up in Las Vegas, Nevada with her father. My little brother Richard, with his father out in Salt Lake City, Utah and Me, with my grandmother in Maine. My father Andreas, abandoned my mother when he learned she was pregnant, going so far as to try and pay her to get an abortion. Lucky for me we see what choice she made that day. My mother suffered severe depression and years of alcohol and drug abuse from losing all of her children, she beat the drugs but sadly, her other demons still plague her to this day. It would be selfish of me to be upset at her, but I know the sacrifice she made could not have been an easy one. Extensive testing revealed that the years I had faced left me dyslexic, suffer from ptsd, and a depression so bleak that it almost beat me on two separate occasions. I Growing up I never really got the chance to get to know my siblings. My sister was able to come and visit every couple of years. Her and I still keep in touch and try to visit as often as we can. An easy feat now that she lives a few

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