My Mother and Her Sacrifices Helped Me Learn to Play an Instrument and Improve My Grades

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Although I have many people who impacted my life, the most significant one life is my mom. She is the sole person who is responsible for making me who I am today and shaped the life I lead. My mother taught me how to read, write, play the violin and piano, and study. With her guidance, I can go to school to increase my knowledge and make friends. Because she did all of this for me out of love, she has changed my world and the opportunities to come my way.
When I was attending to kindergarten, I started learning how to play the violin. After lunch, I took a lesson from my violin teacher while my mom watched. The teacher was very mean because he yelled at me if I made mistakes despite the fact that I was very young. Although he taught me how to play violin, my mom was the one who made me practice and prepare for next lesson. Therefore, I did what my mom told me to do and practiced the way she wanted me to play. Although my mom said the teacher was very mean to me, she continued to challenge me to play perfectly to show that teacher that I was talented and could do anything that I set my mind on. During the next lesson, according to my mom, he tested me, and I succeeded, and he never yelled at me again According to my mother, his testing was simple. He made me play the violin with him and I had to keep up with him with the same tempo. After I successfully played on incredibly fast duet with him, he told me to play slowly the week after for practice. The reason why I could play
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