My Mother 's Norms Of Dating

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In today’s society relationships are viewed as being more causal rather than serious. A relationship is something one will never forget; whether one was thirteen years old or thirty years old, it’ll leave a mark. Dating went from having to ask parent’s permission to take a young lady out to an era where the whole process is less formal. My mother, Rose Pagano, started dating around the mid 1980s, having her first relationship when she was about fifteen years old. Comparing my mother’s norms of dating to those now shows quite some change in areas such as where you hung out, being able to adjust to each other’s family, what is acceptable with dating, and how one identifies couples. Surprisingly, there are quite a few differences between the generations, even though there is only a thirty year gap. The first difference is where one went, and how one got to where he/she needed to be. During her high school years, the places to hand out depended on the time of year it was. My mother grew up in Girard, Ohio, which was a very small town in the northern area of the state. Since she lived up north, she explained how with each season that came, since the northern states experience every season, places to hang out would change. In the summer people would go to the local swimming hole since having a pool at home wasn’t affordable for most. Football games were popular during the fall as well as other sporting events, such as basketball and soccer. Ice skating on a nearby pond or lake
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