My Mother 's Side Of The Family

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Origins Starting on my mother’s side her maternal family was kind of tricky. While I was on the phone with my mom she couldn’t tell me where exactly her maternal side came from but she did know that there was English, French, Whales, and Irish on her mother’s side. As for her paternal side of the family they came from Italy. Both of my father’s side of the family came from Ireland. His father’s side came to the United States in the late 1800’s, whereas his mother’s side came here in 1915. Both my mother and father said that their families moved here for a better life. Traditions While asking my parents if we had any traditional practices from the homeland, they each took a different direction with their answers. My mom focused more on an immediate family tradition. Every Christmas we have a traditional fish soup, which my mom prepares by cooking white fish, clams, muscles, shrimp, octopus, and scallops, in a red tomato sauce. She told me it is traditionally a French dish but her Italian grandmother would make it for her family every Christmas. My dad took a more broad take to what traditions we practiced and said “ Halloween, Christmas, and St. Patrick’s Day, you know drinking days”. We celebrate other holidays but I think he feels a closer connection to these holidays because of the emphases put on them when he was a child. Moving Around the Country I called my grandmother to talk about where she and my grandfather came from she told me that her maternal sided moved
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