My Mother 's Side Of The Family

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The definition of “ancestor” is defined as “one from whom an individual is descended”. Learning about my family history brought me closer to my relatives, and more proud of where my blood line came from. Many people believe that researching your family history is just finding out who you are related to. In my opinion it is more than just researching, it is an investigation. It is an investigation of what hardships one’s ancestors overcame in their laborious lives. While doing my research I decided to do my mother’s side of the family, the Addabbos. I chose this side due to its roots in the most beautiful parts of Italy and military involvement. My great grandmother, Lucia Carnessechi was born on May 12th, 1912 in Bari, Italy. Lucia was the 13th of 17 children in her family and raised by only her father since her mother had passed away during childbirth. Lucia’s parents owned a very successful Italian restaurant in Bari, Italy and were very wealthy. Lucia and her siblings worked long hours for their parents in the restaurant that shut down since their father underwent depression after his wife died. After her mother died in 1921 her father Clemente Carnessechi, who was a devout Catholic, took his family to New York. In New York her father opened up another Italian restaurant and was successful in doing so. When her father died Lucia and her siblings took ownership of the restaurant. Today that restaurant is still in the Bronx but is now called Mario’s.
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