My Mother's Journey To Emma Sparknotes

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The story is about a boy named Michael, who decides to travel across country to find a new life. Michael is planning to travel from North Carolina to California. In the beginning of the story, Michael is kicked out of his home, however this is not the first time this has happen. As Michael ventures in his journey he encounters various people, like the waitress who works at the diner, a beautiful girl named Emma, who works at a shop. Michael and Emma quickly hit it off. Emma gives Michael a place to stay and she introduces him to some of her friends, who are traveling to. When Michael reaches his mother house, she is not there because she is on vacation. Michael decides to leave and continue his journey, but this time he doesn’t know where he is going. …show more content…

The formal element; the story is told in third person. The setting take place in various places, the diner, the shop, Michael mother’s front house.
What is enjoyable about this story is the beginning because it pulls the readers in and it gives you a great summery about Michael.
I think the story ended rather abrupt because I really wanted to know more, like where is headed next since is mothers was MIA. Also, it been great if the author gave the readers more information on Michael relationship with his

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