My Mother's Television : An Effective Option Before Diving Into Brain Surgery

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INTRODUCTION My mother’s TV was crowned by a set of rabbit ears until I moved out for undergrad. Suffice it to say, there wasn’t much variety on regular broadcast TV, but when I was in high school I stumbled across a made for TV movie about a special diet that had remarkable results with epilepsy patients. The movie is about a young epileptic boy with persistent, drug-resistant tonic-conic (grand mal) seizures. Over time I forgot the name of the movie but the diet involved little to no drug therapy and had remarkable results. I always remembered that the diet is called The Ketogenic Diet and that it was an ideal for children with otherwise untreatable epilepsy. Until recently, clinicians recommended brain surgery for epileptics who were unresponsive to anticonvulsant drugs. Clinicians can never know beforehand how effective a brain surgery will be, so the Ketogenic Diet can be an effective option before diving into brain surgery. It manipulates the metabolism and, hopefully, stems or completely eliminates debilitating seizures. PURPOSE - what you specifically wanted to learn about this topic My purpose is to understand how the Ketogenic Diet fits in among traditional anti-seizure mediations and why one would opt for a rigid Ketogenic Diet in lieu of anti-convulsive drug therapies. For some children and adults, the Ketogenic Diet has actually replaced typical anticonvulsant drug therapies. It sounds like a miracle but it’s not: the Ketogenic Diet is probably the most

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