My Motivation For My Faculty

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As I continue working through my vision in my building, I want to continue to mirror to my faculty the importance that educators not focus on “changing” the child, but rather supporting the development of positive characteristics that will enhance the child’s future options in life. We can accomplish this as educators by holding all students to high standards for them to be successful upon graduation. We have to try to build them up with a certain attitude. (Follett, 2003) This attitude would include reflecting on the positives in each student, thinking outside the box for each student and openness to change ourselves within the classroom. As an effective instructor, I developed the ability to enhance the curriculum by continually reflecting on my instruction in order to assist my students. This has created a learning environment not only based on the students’ individual needs but focused on their future goals. As a leader, I hope to continue this practice as I work beside my faculty in helping them reflect on their instruction through observations, dialogue and being visible in the classrooms. I continue this by creating an environment that makes teachers comfortable to reflect and be vulnerable which is essential for personal growth. During my studies one of my favorite quotes is by Ackoff and Greenberg (2008), “doing nothing to obstruct the development of others” is important so people can see their own worth and potential before they can truly become the
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