My Motivation For Pursue Project Management

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At this important juncture in my professional career, I have, after careful consideration of my abilities, academic background and career goals decided to pursue a graduate degree in Project Management which will help me hone my management knowledge and analytical abilities along with interpersonal and leadership skills.
In today’s ever growing competitive market the products are getting user friendly, which means products are getting smarter and do the majority of work. Smarter products are complicated, and so is the process to develop them, Project Management is a crucial tool for streamlining complicated processes. As it applies today and in the future, to be successful in the careers mastering technical knowledge will be insufficient, if it is not backed by leadership and management skills. My primary motivation to pursue Project Management Education is to develop business skills, which will help me lead and implement my technical ideas and if required motivate and direct a team towards a common goal.
I have successfully earned a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from SUNY, University at Buffalo in September 2013, which opened avenues for me and led me to my first full-time job. Since graduation, I’ve been on a ceaseless path of learning from working as a Quality Engineer for a small manufacturing company called HDM Hydraulics to where I am now as an R&D Quality Engineer for New Product Development at Medtronic. My academic pursuits continued even after starting…
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