My Motivation For Teaching Is The Perfect Thing For Me Essay

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My motivation for teaching is setting the goal to make a difference in a students life. The feeling of teaching a child a lesson, and them understanding it, is a rewarding experience for a teacher. I have also been a babysitter for about 6 years, and being around children makes me happy and I love the relationships that I have built with all the kids I have cared for in the past. What really motivated me to go back to school for teaching, was this past summer after having the opportunity to be a camp counselor. While working at that day camp, the relationships and bonds that formed throughout the summer, are ones that I am never going to forget about. The feeling of a child trusting and loving you, is unlike any other. When I thought about how much I loved being around children, I figured that becoming a teacher would be the perfect thing for me. It took me a few years to figure it out, but I now know that this is what I am passionate about and I want this to be my career. The relationships a child builds with a teacher never gets forgotten, I know this from experience. I do not remember all of my teachers that I have had in my lifetime, but I do remember the ones who I felt safe and connected with, and I felt had an impact on my education. I believe that every student who will enter my classroom can succeed. Teaching should be student- centered and students should be accountable for their learning and behavior. In addition, students should take responsibility for their

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