Essay on My Musical Autobiography

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Ever since I was a young kid, I was extremely fond of music. Music was all around me: on the television, in school, at the store, and especially in the car. Not only did I love to listen to music, but I loved to play it as well. I am not saying I was any good at playing music, because I was not. But to a young child, hitting their hand on anything could be music, and to me it definitely was. As a child, I was exposed to rock music and oldies. However, I grew up in Prince George's county, so I started listening to rap, just like every other kid. But by the time I entered high school, I began to like rock music again. I became an avid rock listener. Once again, my music taste has changed. Now I only like to listen to trance and house …show more content…
Throughout my life, the emphasis of music has changed. As I got older, less emphasis was placed on music. In elementary school, it was mandatory for every student to take music class every year until they graduate. When I got to middle school though, we just had to take one semester of music. Then when I entered high school, music became optional. I think this is a tremendous mistake, because music plays such a significant role in everyone's lives, whether we believe it or not. I am not that great of a singer, therefore, I have never sung outside of the shower. I do not play any musical instruments either, though I would not mind learning how to play the drums. I have received a little formal training in music when I was in elementary school. I used to be able to read some notes, but I probably have forgotten everything now. I do wish to perform music someday, if I could ever learn. I think the most valuable thing for me to learn in this course would be to understand the role of music in the world, and how it has come to shape the people in it. I would like to understand the different origins of music throughout the world. I feel like I already have a great appreciation for music though. This is what I hope to get out of this

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