My, My Family, And My Life

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My Neighborhood, My Family, and My Life. I can only describe my childhood as eventful and ever-changing. Though I was, for the most part stationary in where I lived, I feel as if that too has been as forward moving as my life. I’ve gone to several different schools and been put into so many different environments, being more unique and more diverse than the last. At the same time, I watched as the area that I called my neighborhood change in accordance with my new experiences. It has gone from being this sleepy mix of an urban and suburban area to being a well-populated, busy center of commerce. The borough of Queens is where my siblings and I have called home for the last twenty-one years. We grew up in Corona, one of the many different neighborhoods in the borough, and have never really lived anywhere else. The same could be said of our cousins that live in Brooklyn, as they have lived in the Flatbush neighborhood their whole lives, and in the Bronx. However, all of our parents were not born in the area we were raised in. Instead, they all had immigrated to New York City from Africa years before any of us were born. They all, at one point or another, have talked about how the city is fairly different from their home country and how several practices that might’ve been common to them aren’t so common here. While we, as children, were shaped and influenced by our current environment and more or less became part of the neighborhood instantly, our parents had to adjust to

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