My : My Role With An Ob / Gyn Nurse Essay

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My Ginger Sometimes in life we are able to meet someone that challenges us to become a better person. I have had the immense pleasure of meeting Ginger, even if our time was short, 319 days. I am a better mother, nurse, wife, friend, daughter and human because of her. In July 2015, I quit my job as an OB/GYN nurse. My mother had suffered a massive stroke a month prior and I knew I had to find more time to help her. I quit my job without knowing what I would do for work, but knowing that being a licensed nurse, I would not have a hard time finding a job. I spent the month of July helping rehabilitate my mother. At the end of July, I received and email from my friend Stephanie stating she knew a family looking for private nurse. It was her friend’s grandmother and she was in a nursing home. To be honest, a nursing home was the very last place I wanted to work. During nursing school, I spent endless clinical hours in a nursing home and absolutely hated it. Stephanie had given me the point of contact’s number and I finally called and left a message, secretly not wanting a return phone call but knowing it was time to go back to work. A few days later, I received a return phone call for an interview. After the interview, I knew that I would be taking care of an elderly, caucasian female that suffered from dementia. She was placed in a nursing home but needed supplemental care, I was needed to give her extra baths, nursing care and some company. I also found out that she was a
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