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My Social Network
Before I came to the United States, I lived in South Korea with my parents and my brother in an apartment. In my neighborhood, all of my relatives on my mother’s side lived on the same floor. My oldest aunt’s family lived right next to our family’s unit. My youngest aunt, grandparents, and uncles lived on the same floor as well. Even though South Korean culture is no longer strictly collectivistic, our family still values collectivism more than individualism. Our family network was very close until my mother and her sister became enemies; now, we no longer actively interact.
Other than my relatives, there were three other apartments on our floor. My brother’s best friend’s family lived in one of the units. His name is Jung Woo. My family and Jung Woo’s family did not interact that much before my brother and Jung Woo became friends. After our mothers found out that their sons were in the same class, they began to spend more time with one another. They bonded over the commonality of being parents of teenagers; however, my father and I never talked to any of Jung Woo’s family members. There were two other couples occupying the remaining units on the same floor, but none of my relatives interacted with them. Though my family didn’t interact with the couples at that time, it was obvious that the couples were friends.
In terms of enemyship, my mother and my oldest aunt became enemies after an incident. I would not consider them close even before the incident, but
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