My Name Is Clara Barton

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“it is the music I sleepby, and I love it… I may be compelled to face danger, but never fear it, and while our soldiers can snad and fight, I can stand and feed and nurse them” -Clara Barton. Clara barton lead the American red cross______.Clara barton was a humanitarian who proved courageous as a women and brave as an army nurse.____ I was born Christmas day in the small town of north oxford, Massachusetts. The year was 1821 and I was the 5th and last child of sarah and Stephen barton. We were a middle class family and my parents were hard workers who cared for me very much. I have four siblings , two sisters and two brothers, whos ages ranged from 10-17 when I was born. For years to come they woild teach me many skills, some which would help me later on. I was a very shy child but I kept myself busy with my studies . I was well spoken and well read(according to my parents) and when I started school I could spell 3 syllable words. Other things I was taught at a youngs age, mainly by my siblings, were things as in how to play sports, skip stones, and tasks like sewing and cooking. My parents had hopes that over time I would become less shy, but when I wtill avoided things such as public speaking they sent me to boarding school. These were some of the worst weeks of my life. I became so sick I stopped talking and eating all together. Once my parents realized their plan did not work I was taken back home. When I got home my family and I soon moved to a farm where my cousins

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