My Name Is Jack And I Am Known As A Freak

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My name is Jack and I am known as a freak. I don’t know how or when I have come to accept this but nevertheless it is true. I live in a small shack deep within the forest with my adopted father and 2 older siblings. As I would believe not only I but the rest of my family would be labeled as freaks as well but unlike me they never cared about their labels so why did I. As my thought process began to move faster I heard a knock on my door. “Jack, are you alright? We haven’t seen you in a while.” I looked at my bedroom do for while then responded. “I’m fine father, just thinking about some things. Alright,” I heard him say,” come out when you’re ready. I’ll be out doing my runs for today.” I then heard him walk off and the front door closing. I stared at the ceiling for a second then walked in front of bedroom mirror. When I looked through I saw a monster. The monster was wearing black gloves and hoodie covering his head and brown hair. Along with this it was wearing a light blue mask with dried black ooze going down the eyelids. I looked at the monster then cringed in anger and fear and punched the mirror shattering it into pieces. As the mirror pieces hit the ground I stared at my fist and frowned under my mask. As I walked out of my room I saw my older brother Jeff laughing towards my older sister Jane while playing with his knife. He noticed me and grinned. Jeff was like me, a freak of nature. He always wore a white sweatshirt covered in the…

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