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My name is Justin Dann, I was born September 6, 1996 in Richmond, Virginia. I live with my mom, Cheryl, and my older brother, Terrell. My mother was born on August 2, 1963. My family is from Trinidad and Tobago also called the twin island which is in the West Indies. My mom lived in San Fernando Trinidad. My mom moved to America in 1989, in the hopes of having a better life. When my mom first came to America, she lived with her brother and two sisters. When my mom was working and able to buy her own apartment she had my brother, and shortly after that I was born. Growing up in my neighborhood was really fun. I grew up with all my friends in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Some of my friends and I joined the football team in my…show more content…
I left before they arrived. The next day, I got to school and the dean called me down to the office, where there were two cops waiting for me. They brought me to the police station and took me to bookings. When I went to the booking, the judge gave me a court day that was a month later. On my court day the judge called my name. When I went up then he called the boy I had a fight with but he didn’t show up so the judge gave me a different court day. On my second court day, same as the first, the boy and his mother didn’t come so the judge dismissed my case. My mom was getting tired of me getting in trouble. She even found out that I was smoking weed. So right after school she wanted me to come home. I was doing it for a few months; when it was summer time, I was coming in the house late and sometimes I smelled like weed, making my mom mad. My mother stopped giving me money so I had to find a way to get the things I liked. I started selling weed to kids at school and my friends. My mom was getting suspicious so she cleaned my room one day and found weed and bullets for a gun I was holding for my friend. My mother flushed the weed and the bullets down the toilet and she told me to wake up early the next morning. My mother took me to a Job Corps recruiting place. This place had many trades for me to pick and the trade I picked was security. On February 17, 2015 I was on my way to Cassadaga Job Corps and I decided to

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