My Name Of Athena Rose

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Her name, Athena Rose. A young girl whose eyes would light up when my name was said. A girl who would smile even when she was sad. She would walk into a room and make me feel better. We’ve known each other since the 4th grade. We became best friends automatically. We couldn’t be separated no matter how hard our parents tried. She would go everywhere I went. Whenever our families went on vacation, we would go with each other. The first vacation we went on together was to the beach. We played in the sand all day. I went and grabbed a bucket, then filled it up with water. I carefully carried the water back from the ocean. I quietly snuck up behind her and flipped the bucket. The water poured out all over her. She screamed and sprang up…show more content…
She seemed more depressed and isolated from the rest of the world. She barely talked to me anymore. When she did talk to me, it was very seldom. I tried apologizing for hurting her but she still didn 't want to befriend me again. I noticed she got really skinny during freshman year. It all happened so fast. She grew to be only a whopping 100 pounds for a 5’4” girl. Her hair was almost down her whole back. She withered away to nothing. The one night I was talking to her, I asked why she decided to lose weight. She told me she didn’t do it on purpose, it just happened. She developed an eating disorder called bulimia. Her parents didn’t care what she did anymore so she never got help wether if it was with her drinking problem or her eating disorder. As time went on, I realized that she was the most beautiful thing I ever would lay eyes on and I regret not seeing this sooner. On graduation day she put the gown on and came up to me. She reached in her pocket and pulled out a locket. “I got this for you. I would have given it to you at your graduation party, but I’ll be gone by then.” She whispered. I opened it to see a picture of us. “I don’t understand, my graduation party is on Saturday. Why are you leaving for college so early?” I questioned. “Oh, I’m not leaving for college, I’m just leaving this town.” She murmured. I stood in confusion until she pulled me into a hug and kissed me on the cheek. “Break a leg up there.” I joked. She shook her head,
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