My Name Of Your Name

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Your name. It has been studied that your name can make or break you in this world we live in. Some people say your name is specialized to identify who you are, but does it really make up who we really are? I believe that our name is just 50% who we are, and 50% the influence that the world gives towards our names. Places where we may have gotten most of our influence from is our parents. They take one glance at us and it 's like the whole world comes to a stop in order for them to concentrate on picking a name for us. With my mother and father picking a name seemed easy because they already had their childhood memory of what they wanted to name their child when they had one. They both loved the name Taylor, but then their favorite song that was playing in the background when my dad proposed to my mother came on and they began to favor the name Janay. After conversing with my other family members about what they should name me, they believed that the only way they really could come to an conclusion on a name was to see my eyes and then make the decision. After a long relaxful nine months my mother looked in my eyes and began the process of picking the most amazing name she could in the most amazing way she could. My full name became Daisha Yanae Carson. I have grown to love my name and I wouldn’t change it because it has so much meaning behind it.My name was illistrated in such a unique way the day after I was born. My mother and father were going on with their day eating
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