My Narrative Experience : My Formative Experience

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Another formative experience I had was just this past summer. I traveled to Bonaire this summer on a coral restoration diving trip and when I was there I bonded with one of the counselors. His name was Luke and he graduated from Santa Clara University two years ago. When he was there, he majored in philosophy and he was one of the most down-to-earth people I had ever met in my life. Additionally, he was very intelligent and it baffled me why he was a counselor on a trip in Bonaire with a group of teenagers instead of trying to start a career. We talked a lot over the two weeks, but on the second-to-last night I asked him to share his story with me and he agreed. We sat down outside and began to discuss his life. I was very interested in hearing his life story because I was lost at the time. College was near and I had no idea what I wanted to study or if I was even ready for college. I am younger than everyone else in my grade and I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to study. I wanted to get right into it, so the first question I asked him was why he didn’t have a “real” job. He chuckled, as he understood what I was trying to convey. He explained that he doesn’t want a desk job from nine to five now or in the foreseeable future. All Luke wanted was to be happy and he said this was his only goal in life. He told me that his main job was a dogsled guide and I began to crack up. How could a person’s main job in life be a dogsled guide? This isn’t a question I just thought about,
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