My Neighborhood Exploration Is On The Island Of Manhattan 's Chinatown

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My neighborhood exploration is on the island of Manhattan’s Chinatown. Before I begin noting my description of Chinatown, I must inform the reader of my existing attachments, sentiments, and personal connection with the neighborhood. I have been visiting this particular neighborhood for a rather large portion of my life. With my grandparents having lived in the Lower East Side for the formative years of my childhood, visiting Chinatown is something my brothers and I grew up doing for family outings and restaurant visits. For the past year, I have worked at the Museum of Chinese in America located on 215 Centre Street and therefore have regular interaction with the people who live and work in the neighborhood, as I am one of them. Although I live in the Bronx, like in most New York City neighborhoods, there exist many dimensions and areas that have their own unique and interesting histories that may be hidden to New York City residents and tourists alike. As for my description and commentary on the materiality of the neighborhood I will focus on the main street that runs through the heart of Chinatown, known as Canal Street, and specifically the streets of Bayard, Centre, and Mott. Canal Street is one of the arteries of the heart of the City of New York. With the Manhattan Bridge’s entrance from Brooklyn directly leading onto Canal Street, the amount of traffic that bustles by on a daily basis is crazy and there are always traffic cops on duty whistling away. The stores

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