My Neighborhood Memories Essay

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My Neighborhood Memories

I have many memories in my hometown of Buckner, but none of them long enough to tell a long story about. Buckner is a great little town, we have many great people here. Small stores with three gas stations and only one stoplight, the grass is more green than it seems. I moved here in 2005 when I was about 6 to 7 years old, don’t have many images of my first time seeing the house. I do remember dad building the house before it became the bright white and blue house it is today. With a long road going into the cul de sac with 6 houses going around it. We have a tall tree in our front yard with three of the neighbor's mailboxes including ours in the front. We have known every neighbor as long as I can remember, the town is just an amalgam of good people. One great family to the right of us is Chester and his wife. Chester is a true American man and is always nice to everyone he meets. He has always helped me with my yard work if I needed it and always says “hello” and “good morning” if you see him. His house is the same color as ours and has a beautiful red Dodge Charger in the front. He is always working in his yard and is adding things to it every day. One memory I had with him was when my mower stopped working when I mowed the side yard and he came and fixed everything. He taught me all that I needed to know about the lawn mower to make sure it didn’t happen a second time. During the whole speech, he made sure I was listening which was
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