My New Body Of Work

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I would say my justifications are leading and concerning on being mindful. I would describe mindfulness, as a way of life that is peacefully perceptive, deprived of the stimulus of cravings or viewpoints. That is how I behave in the studio. I dominate my rational brain with technical focuses so that it stays occupied. As I am engaged with technique a fragment of myself is allowed to observe unrestricted by my thought process. It is that openness that truly enlightens my work.
My new body of work is a continuation of the work I have initiated earlier this year. It consists of a series of large canvases where I am painting a distorted enlarged self. I paint with oil colors on Italian linen canvases. This paint layer gets built up in a traditional lean-to-fat technique. I used to paint women portraits, but I gradually became more interested in flesh and less in the facial expressions. Coming to an understanding about how the body alone is a vehicle to convey emotions and how those moods can be exuding from a flat surface.
Throughout my artistic growth, the contemporary British artist Jenny Saville, that dedicated her career to traditional figurative oil painting, has acted a massive part in my developing work. The subjects of her paintings, the large canvasses and bodies exposing the flesh. The explanation of her work, tends to be eccentric and encompasses discourses about feminism i.e.: 1 'feminist aesthetics of disgust ', her use of uneven scratch marks, the strong and…
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