My New Journey At Kiaria O. Brown Mortuary Inc. Essay

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Good morning, today is September 2925 B.C., as I start my morning I’m very excited. I’m starting my new journey at Kiaria O. Brown Mortuary Inc., the team and I are set out to travel to Port Said, Egypt for Queen Nefertiti Ancient Egyptian Funerary. As the team conduct normal procedures before the day start, I prepare to get the necessary tools to prep the deceased for mummification, the most important process we have to commence after a person has died. Ms. Nefertiti would be buried in paradise known as The Field of Reeds, where her soul would be tested. The Field of Reeds is known to the Egyptians as A’aru, which they believed the afterlife of the eternal soul were visions of their mirror-like image. Death to the Egyptians is a celebration, the family members believe her soul is trapped inside her body, so therefore we must send her to the Gods. The Gods were Anubis, Osiris, Thoth and The Forty-Two Judges. As Queen Nefertiti confess to her negative actions, the high power would confer. Would the queen heart be lighter than the feather or heavier? Who knows. There’s no hell in the afterlife, your only Great Death is to be thrown to the floor and eaten by the female devourer of the dead known as Ammut. The family brought Queen Nefertiti to Kiaria. O. Brown Mortuary embalmers, in which the family had to sit down with the professionals to agree upon pricing and quality. It was up to Nefertiti family members to choose the coffin type, funerary rites available and the treatment

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