My Newborn Egg Elizabeth And The Sensorimotor, Trust V. Mistrust, And Pre Conventional Stage

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Day 1- Newborn (Birth- 12 months) My newborn egg Elizabeth is in the sensorimotor, trust v. mistrust, and pre-conventional stage. She can 't yet speak and is crying for no reason as I can determine. The first thing I will check is to see if she has a wet or dirty diaper. If this is not the case she may be hungry or want the pacifier, I will then burp her to see if she has acid reflux. I try putting her to bed and sooth her to sleep by swaddling her so she feels secure I may also try swinging her in my arms to a rhythmic motion. If she is still crying I will check the surroundings for an unwanted stimulation like noise if so I may try creating "white noise" by shushing her. If the crying continues uncontrollably and I can’t determine what…show more content…
Day 3- Toddler (18 months- 3 years) My child is having a hard time potty training and keeps wetting the bed. She is in pre operational, autonomy v. shame and doubt, and pre-conventional stage. To encourage my child to potty I get her to sit on the toilet a few times a day while I read or talk to her etc. if she does her business in the toilet and not in her pants I give her a reward like her favorite snack. According to Kohlberg’s theory this should work since she is in the pre-conventional stage. Which states that children focus on self- interest and obey the rules to avoid punishment to receive rewards. So if I reward her and encourage her for using the potty she will have an interest of using the potty. On the other hand it may not be that she doesn’t know how to use the potty but can’t hold it through the night. I can shift times for drinking and no bladder irritants at night like caffeine. what I don’t want to do is wake her up to use the potty because it will lead to her being sleepy and won’t solve anything also I will not resort to punishment as it will not solve anything and make Elizabeth feel ashamed and doubtful that she can’t use the bathroom as it states in Erickson’s theory. Day 4- Pre- school (3-5 years) My daughter is in the preoperational, initiative v. guilt, and preconventional stage. Every time I drop her off at pre- school she grabs onto me and begs me not to leave her. To help her get use to the surroundings and become more
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