My Night Before My Final Exam

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I walk in to a classroom; the only one in there is me. I sit down, and my teacher hands me a test. I start to panic. I crammed for the test the night before; however, I look at the test with confusion. The feeling of anxiety starts to take over my mind because I cannot think of the answers. Suddenly, I wake up in the middle of the night; my breathing is fast and my forehead is sweating. I had this nightmare the night before my final exam in AP Biology. I had spent the last two weeks studying for this one particular exam because I needed to make an A on the exam to pull out with an A in the class. The stress in those two weeks had been one of the most stressful moments in my life because of the pressure I had on making an A. There were moments when I almost gave up, but because I took deep breaths when I was stressed out, did not procrastinate, and took breaks when breaks were needed, I had reached the goal of making an A on both the quiz and the test. Whenever I was too stressed to think straight, I just took a deep breath. Many times in life, I find my brain trying to work too fast for me to handle; this happens because it tries to process the most amount of information it can as quickly as possible. Not long after, my brain starts to overload, and I cannot retain any of the information. Whenever that started to happen when I was studying for AP Biology, I stopped everything I was doing, closed my eyes, and took in the deepest breath I possibly could. This deep breath is
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