My Nursing Goals for the Next Three Years Essay

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My nursing goals for the next three years. Nursing is a career which I believe that needs to come from the heart and I have at all times appreciated with respect. My aim in doing my education in nursing was because I always wanted to achieve an extended and successful profession in the health and medical field. I suppose the responsibilities of a nurse can be very demanding and frantic in certain instances but nothing can be equal to the joy and satisfaction it brings. There are many specialized areas in the field of nursing but I was particular interested in the mental health field. I have had a chance to experience mental healths nursing during one of my placements .There are a few goals which I would like to achieve within the next…show more content…
Not having sufficient knowledge provided by educators and preceptors during the orientation process and student experiences regarding the NG roles and responsibilities and the about transition process can leave NG in a very confused position making them to develops poor confidence levels. Also having to face differences in the social structure and cultural differences, lacking leadership and allocation skills, having oppressively hierarchical work structure, lack of introduction to role models and poor guidance and assistance can be some of the socio-developmental barriers to NG(Maben, Latter and Macleod Clark 2006 and Peterson 2009). Different orientation and transition facilitating programs based on the practice of socialization of the young nursing professionals needs to incorporate knowledge about the transition process during their professional role. For instances theses programs could include information (e.g. theory trained inspired and communal ways that help to contain different learning methods regarding transition) and performance (e.g. acting out or learning based on scenarios which would engage both trainees and experienced practitioners) linking to the steps of the transition process and reality shock (e.g. what to anticipate and when).Information regarding how to improve communication skills between intergenerational and inter/intraprofessional, for instance making them understand about ethics in work and variations in styles and
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