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Personal Philosophy of Nursing
I have had a passion for helping people all my life. When I was younger, I wanted to work in the medical field. Over the years, as I became more aware of area of nursing, I found that nursing is what I truly wanted to pursue as a career. I first attended Western Kentucky University straight after high school with the intent of initiating my desire to be a nurse. I continued my education and attended SKYCTC (formerly Bowling Green Technical College) and acquired my LPN degree. It was after working in that role that I realized that I could be a better nurse and a better team member if I went on and obtained my RN degree. I returned to SKYCTC and attained my associate RN degree. Working in this role influenced me by seeing the different aspects to nursing that I could function in. It is through the process of assisting people in their times of need that I truly feel that I have fulfilled my destiny in life.
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My philosophy of nursing regarding patient care is tied to my desire to treat each as an individual with different needs, therefore requiring my use of the knowledge base that I have acquired. It is imperative to create a relationship with each patient so that I can deliver compassionate, holistic care. I believe that I must establish a repertoire with a patient and treat not only the physical, but the mind and spirit as well. I want to instill in my patients that I am there for them not only as their nurse to provide them their medications and monitor their physical condition, but I am there to be a confidante and friend to talk to if needed and there to be an advocate for what is best for them.
Nursing is a special calling for those individuals that have the ability to put the needs of the infirmed and needy before themselves. It is making a commitment to others to assist them in their time of need and when they are at their lowest. It is working to prevent and treat illness and promote healthy behaviors. It is putting the patient and their needs and desires first. I feel that my philosophy of nursing is shaped by the working environment that I currently reside in. I work with
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