My Nursing Philosophy : My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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When deciding that I wanted to choose nursing as my career, I had an idea of what I thought the nursing profession consisted of. Now having had clinical experience, most of what I had envisioned is what I have experienced in the clinical setting this semester. Through my first semester in nursing school, I have learned about many different aspects of the nursing profession. I have also gradually started to develop my own personal philosophy of nursing. While I am sure that my philosophy will continue to develop and evolve along with me and as I gain more experience and knowledge as a nurse, my current philosophy of nursing is based on my personal definition of nursing and my beliefs and values as they relate to health and illness, the nursing profession, ethical and legal responsibilities, and a nurse’s role. Definition of Nursing I think nursing can mean many different things to different people, as well as look a little different to each individual nurse. However, I think that nursing is caring for people by helping them during a time that they might not have the ability to help themselves. I think that nursing is ever changing because the profession adapts to what the newest research is proving and providing. Nurses are caretakers and advocates for their patients’ and their health. The way that one nurse advocates for their patients can look different from another nurse depending on the area of nursing they are working in. The nursing profession covers a wide variety of
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