My Nursing Philosophy: My Philosophy And Philosophy Of Nursing

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I. My Nursing Philosophy
A.‎ Nursing
The term “nursing” is not enough to depict the nature of this concept. For me, nursing is much ‎more than providing care for the patient to help him or her to achieve health. Nursing is the profession ‎that encompasses the patient/client’s physical, psychological, spiritual needs to direct him or her to ‎wellness in a holistic approach providing patient-centered care, where the patient is integrated in the ‎implementation process and hence, is empowered through knowledge about his or her condition, is able ‎to make decisions concerning his or her health and is able to care for himself or herself to maintain his or ‎her health. Watson defined nursing as “A human science of persons and human health-illness ‎experiences that are mediated by professional, personal, scientific, esthetic and ethical human ‎transactions”. Nurses play a crucial role in educating patients about their condition, treatment ‎procedures, rationales for treatments given, and the available options for the patients to choose from ‎and promote their health through prevention educations. For nurses to be able to effectively deliver their ‎care, education and implement their interventions, they must first establish a therapeutic relationship with ‎the patient/clients, which is the basis for all nursing processes. ‎
B.‎ Client/Patient
According to me, the client/patient can be defined as any prospective person in need of help, ‎care, and
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The selected study showed the positive impacts of implementing and integrating Jean Watson’s ‎Theory of Human Caring in nursing care of infertile woman by decreasing distress and increasing self-‎efficacy and adjustment in those women. These findings can guide and be an incentive for nurses, not ‎only in the field of infertility, but in general, to adopt the caritas processes of Watson’s Theory of Human ‎Caring in their nursing care to enhance patient satisfaction and to help patients in their healing
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