My Observation At The Child Development Center

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Cady At the beginning of my third observation at the Child Development Center, I decided to observe a three-year-old girl that I will call Cady. I chose her because of her irrepressible attitude, which shown through in all of her actions and loudly voiced opinions. Throughout the semester not only did I gain developmental information about Cady, I gained some background information as well. She is the youngest child in the CDC, having only turned three during the last semester. Not only is she the youngest child at the CDC, she is the youngest of five children at home. Cognitive Compared to the other three-year-olds at the CDC, Cady is in some ways ahead and in other ways behind in her cognitive development. According to Piaget’s theory, Cady should be right at the beginning of the preoperational stage. By Cady’s age, children are heavily involved in make believe play and can use other items to symbolize what they want. Cady is just as advanced as everybody else she was around and showed this ability all the times she, and other children were using various types of blocks to build an “Elsa Tower”. This activity took place almost every day I was there; the children, and Cady, knew the blocks were not actually building the ice tower that Elsa made in Frozen, but they continued to pretend and act like it did. Another limitation of the preoperational stage was the rigid thinking the children have. Great examples were what happened when someone broke the rules. During
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