My Observation Center On Positive And Negative Communication

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There are several challenges faced during middle adulthood that can create an excess of problems and stress if not approached and managed appropriately. Social development, particularly family development, is one area in which these challenges can be seen. Redefining and maintaining a positive, supportive and healthy relationship with one’s aging parents is one task necessary for healthy family development. My observation in the women’s department in Dillard’s, located in Hamilton Place Mall, illustrates this concept. The analysis of my observation centers on positive and negative communication as well as what Newman and Newman refer to as factors that promote an optimal relationship (2014). This analysis prompted my investigation into what strategies may be useful in a counseling setting to encourage healthy communication and interactions between adults and their aging parents. As formerly mentioned, my observation took place at Dillard’s and centered on what appeared to be a mother and daughter (white, most likely middle-class, roughly ages in the early to mid-60s and late 30s). Both were looking through a rack of clothing; the mother would periodically show the daughter an outfit. The daughter would then reject the clothing and continue to sift through another rack. The daughter appeared apprehensive to the whole process, but the mother did not appear to notice the daughter’s aggravation. At one point the daughter walked to the escalator; I assumed that this was an

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