My Observation Interaction Project I Chose The Company Naylor Association Solutions

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For my observation-Interaction project I chose the company Naylor Association Solutions headquartered in Gainesville, FL, but with offices both national and international. Naylor is a full service media company that works exclusively with associations to provide them with media solutions so that they can interact and inform their members with the best materials possible. They work on several different platforms including print, digital, and tradeshow among others and are focused on selling the most relevant advertising possible to develop those mediums. My interview focused with the sales team manager, Sam Simon, who oversees ad sales and association development. San has been with the company for a few years and originally…show more content…
He specifically states that “the people you are talking to are one hundred times more interested in themselves and their wants so being a good listener and encourage others to talk about themselves”(Carnegie, 97). Sam stressed the importance to his people to listen to what a client needs and I think this principle is one of the most important to the client-salesperson relationship. Over the next few paragraphs I will outline Naylor’s sales process from the hiring to the closing of a sale. Naylor has an exhaustive recruitment process that they use to discover talent. They do use tradition job postings in newspapers and on websites such as, but find their main success is with college recruitment seminars. The have an internal hiring team that is responsible for bringing in recruits to the management team who then evaluate the prospects through a series of interviews conducted by both Sam, the sales manager, and a women whose name I believe is named Lisa, who acts as a training instructor. Sam’s stated main quality that he looks for in a prospect is an A Type personality. Through his experience he has determined that this personality type make the best potential salespeople and are they are easily trainable in his opinion, though I am not sure of I agree with that last point. Once a person has been
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